Many of you will have seen my pastor’s blog about our recent conference with Nathan Morris in the city of Hull. I felt inspired to share with you from a worship leaders view point.

I’ve been in many meetings where I’ve ministered alongside different worship leaders under varying circumstances but nothing prepared me for this weekend.

Last night I heard a sound like I’d never, ever heard before! There’s a lot of talk about releasing the “sound” of praise, worship, intercession etc, using different instruments to create a “sound” of music. But this had nothing to do with any instrument. This had everything to do with the glory of God falling on people and drawing them to a very deep level of intimate worship.

From my own experience I wept silent tears that were deep and all consuming and yet I knew in the spirit I was releasing a sound that could only be heard by the Spirit of God Himself.  A deep calls unto deep experience. My silent tears were being used by the Holy Spirit to intercede when “I didn’t know what to pray for”

This sound that will bring heaven to earth isn’t always an audible one but one of a heart that is sold out in worship that the Holy Spirit will want to inhabit causing it to resonate in the heavens!

We led worship in our local city square on the Saturday afternoon. We used backing tracks. It “felt” clinical but the truth is the Spirit of God joined our natural sound to create waves in the heavens that drew men and women to be prayed for, to receive salvation and healing and they did.

Worship leader it’s not about our song choices. It never was. But it is about our heart choices. Our willingness to step aside to submit to the one who can achieve so much more by one single breathe than we could in all of our valiant efforts and great ideas.

I’ve been there, walked that journey but I like it here and now where my God is moving in such a way it leaves me hardly able to breathe at times! It’s the place where the things I dream of come to pass, a place we allow Him and the people of God, the opportunity to have space. To connect, really connect, heart to Heart, spirit to Spirit. Allowing the people to bring their expression of worship not just what we think it should look like.

It’s messy, it’s scary, and it’s the unknown but only by us. It doesn’t take Him by surprise at all.

Here’s to more amazing days in His presence!