It’s hard to believe that it’s only the 10th day of 2013! It seems to me that these 10 days have been filled with an abundance of revelation.

To say that 2012 was challenging in many ways would be an understatement. Yet in every valley, every dark place, every tear and every failure Jesus has been right there in the midst of it all.

Persecution is not a word I like nor is it a word I’ve had to use but I’ve realised that persecution comes in all sorts of packages. It is a direct attack of the enemy to bring disillusionment, tiredness and pain that will pull us off track.

David knew the joy of the presence of God, the intimacy of His heart that he experienced in quiet peaceful places but he also had to learn to dodge the spear used by Saul to “pin him to the wall”

There is a call straight from heaven today to rebuild David’s tabernacle. To build an alter of worship that grants direct access to the Holy of Holies. We who have accepted this invitation, must understand with the intimacy of His presence will come the persecution of Saul! Stand firm. Don’t be pressured into wearing anyone else’s armour but your own.

In Isaiah 54 we’re told to “enlarge the place of our tent, to lengthen our cords, to strengthen our stakes” etc. In order to lengthen the chords we must reposition the stakes! in terms of our own lives repositioning, can be painful and lead us to feeling vulnerable. It might be that we have to let go of some things before we take up another. With expansion comes a stretching to accommodate the greater. Last year someone prophesied that God was going to expand my heart. It sounded great at the time but in order to expand it He had to empty it of a lot of junk. In this new season there is no room for excess baggage. Allow the expansion it will be worth it.

A house we used to live in had what the estate agent brochure described as a very “established garden” With neither me or Nige being gardeners, all we knew to do was to weed and maintain! We’d get out there and battle with weeds that had roots that I’m sure reached down into the very core of the earth!! They were tough and strong! Roots are good. It’s in having roots that we find our wings. However roots that are not of Him need to be pulled up in order for the good seeds to grow deep. Weeding is hard work especially as there is usually resistance. In yielding and allowing Him to dig deep He will bring out the best fruit you’ve seen yet.

Finally let me share with you an experience I’ve had. Last Thursday as I lay soaking doing nothing more than enjoying His presence I felt a click in my spirit. Like a realigning of something. As if I’d been dislocated (dis located) but put back into place. It was a very real experience. Not just a sense but a tangible knowledge! Since that moment the dryness of creativity mainly songwriting has been caught in a deluge of heaven that has released song after song. There is hope, there is a new day tomorrow. God hasn’t forgotten about you and He’s not punishing you. He’s watching you grow like the proud Father that he is!

Perhaps these lyrics recently written will sum up the journey.

There is no other name I know
That can melt the heart like Jesus
Taking all the cares that burden me
That i may fly in freedom

When darkness comes to hide my path
There is hope to lead me onward
When it seems like there’s no other way
His Word will keep me strong

He is faithful, always faithful
Everlasting, true to His word
He is constant as the sunrise
Wonderful Saviour, He is my God

There is a voice that calls to me
In the mountain and the valley
In adversity in my darkest night
I will keep my eyes on Him

© 2013 A Lendon

This too shall pass. He does indeed, work all things together for our good.
Every darkness ends in a dawn of light in a new day!

Having done all stand!