1. A concentration, as of groups, forces, or interests, about two conflicting or contrasting positions.

This word sums up the classes of Colombia.

There is no middle ground. You’re either very wealthy or very poor!

Because of the violence in Colombia many children are fatherless and many don’t have the input of a father as they are abandoned by them.

We are all called to be a voice to the voiceless. These children don’t have the advocates they need to stand up on their behalf to secure basic life necessitates like food and medical care! This is what we do. Our work is all about providing the practical but also the spiritual well being.

We want these precious children to grow up in the knowledge of the love of Jesus. If we don’t tell them how will they know? If we bless them and send them on their way with rumbling stomachs, broken and lost what good is that?

We are all a part of their story from those on the front line in Colombia to those of us here in the UK who sponsor and donate, to those who hold wonderful events building community whilst raising funds to build the precious lives of our Colombian children!

We’re blessed in our western world. We lack luxuries nothing more. We don’t know the degree of poverty that these children do. We can rest safe in our beds at night without the fear that a knock on the door could take the little we have away from us knowing there is nothing we can do.

So 50p a day! What can you buy for 50p a day? 50 penny sweets? A bar of chocolate? But did you know If you save 50p day and put it in a jar at the end of the month you would have £15 which would provide a child with a school uniform, education, regular meals and medical care. 50p to £15, poverty to hope!

Please help us to help them by going to our website and donating or sponsoring http://www.cccuk.org