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This past few weeks I’ve found myself having numerous conversations with Holy Spirit about being filled with Him. I’ve realized from my own experience it is possible to experience Him to feel His presence and even be impacted by it but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re filled.

Let me explain. One Sunday morning in a meeting in a C of E church in Wakefield I found myself kneeling at an alter responding to a call to be introduced to the Holy Spirit. As the vicar prayed for me I burst into floods of tears. (Those that know me will agree this is nothing unusual.)

I’d felt something different and I was overwhelmed. I went home thinking that life would be different but in all honesty it wasn’t. I still made God a convenient part of my life. If I fancied a lay in on a Sunday morning I skipped church. As far as I was concerned it was no big deal! The thing was at that alter I’d really only experienced Him.

There are lots of people in my church that I “experience” every Sunday morning but unless I invite them to be a part of my life our relationship will go no further. We’ll never get past the smile and nod of head that is nothing more than an acknowledgement. This, for me sums up my relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Fast forward now to 1997 in a little cottage in an East Yorkshire village. I’d gone with a desire to know Jesus in a deeper way. i was tired of going through the motions I wanted more!

As my husband and the pastor prayed for me in that little dining room I let down every barrier, every ounce of “doing it my way” and gave my life completely to be filled with the full measure of God!

Suddenly I understood! Suddenly God went from being a past time to a passion! I couldn’t get enough of Him and certainly couldn’t wait to worship with everyone on a Sunday.

My life in Jesus started that day. The revelation of His love for me went from head to heart. This time I laughed! Not long after that He called me into worship ministry. I stopped wandering round the mountain dealing with the same old insecurities and fears that stopped me from living in the fullness of life and started to grow in the things of God!

Don’t get me wrong life is far from perfect and i still have issues to deal with but now I have this hotline to heaven that guides me like never before.

The difference is I now climb mountains instead of walking round them!

I want to encourage you to ask yourself are you filled or is it just an experience as it was for me for so many years. There is so much more to this Christian life than striving and struggling. We’re not called to merely survive!

If you’ve only allowed Him to take you so far I want to encourage you to go the whole way. Allow Him to come and fill you with His beautiful healing and life transforming love. He has plans for you that will take your breath away. You’ll find yourself doing things you thought were only for other people. Things you only got close to when you dreamed. The Holy Spirit is the one who takes dreams to reality.

Why not find a quiet corner now and invite Him to come and fill you? You don’t need to be in a meeting with a nice bit of worship music playing. He’s only an invite away.

Taste and see. I promise you won’t regret it.