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Exodus 32:

Reading this passage of scripture has taken me on a bit of a journey. Here are a few of my thoughts (ramblings!)

Here we find Moses busy up the mountain with God and the Israelites wondering what’s going on. Fretting about the future quickly forgetting their deliverance from the Egyptian armies at the Red Sea.

The Israelites request of Aaron to “come make us gods that will go before us”

The Israelites were in a hurry to move on. They were too impatient to wait for God and Moses so they made a “god” and a “leader” who they could follow.

How often do we make alternative projects, leaders etc in our hurry to move into the next season.

Surely If anything is of God it will be worth waiting for? Why settle for the good when we can have the best?

They gave up on Moses because they thought he had disappeared. .

Verse 5 shows us they lost site of who was “The God” when Aaron built an alter in response to the gold calf and declared the next day to be a festival to The Lord.

How often are we tempted to give God our man made idols in place of our hearts?

But God’s not fooled. He tells Moses to head back down the mountain to sort it out and to leave Him to work out His wrath against these stiff necked people!!!

Now if i’d been moses i would have run but this man of God was confident of His relationship with The Lord and engaged in a healthy discussion reminding God of His original intention for this exodus. Eventually God relents.

Surely this is a wonderful model of prayer? Being confident of our relationship with our Heavenly Father that we can come and lay out our hearts and our requests?

Even more so now we have the power and authority given to us because of the sacrifice of our risen saviour Jesus!

A sheepish Aaron greets Moses with the news of “there’s the sound of war in the camp” but Moses knew what that sound was and it was neither victory or defeat it was simply….. Singing!

Did he pick up this discernment of hearing from spending time with God? I think so!

This statement challenges me greatly! What sound do we make in our worship? Is it a victory sound or just defeated singing?

I don’t want to be one who sings great songs but one who releases a victory sound that says to the enemy thus far and no more!!! A cry that brings hope to the lost and broken. A sound that releases heaven on earth and causes Jesus Himself to stir the waters of healing! This has nothing to do with being on a platform but everything to do with being in the midst of brothers and sisters in Christ poised and passionately ready to engage in a heavenly dialogue both spoken and sung!

Surely in this place as well as the secret place we find the strength to be patient in the midst of our waiting?

So my friend wait upon The Lord even in the midst of your despair and concerns. Be still and know that He really IS The Lord!

There are ways that appear to us to be good but in the end lead to death. Death of true destinies, friendships, relationships. Let us not be a people who “settle” for anything less than the best that God has for us! And, while we wait let us lift up a sound of praise spoken in words of love for each other, in actions that show love, honour and respect for each other.

For greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends! Spoken by the greatest friend that ever walked this earth!

Love you 🙂