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In the late eighties before they split Abba wrote a song called the day before you came. It talks about the woman’s life what she did, what she thought, how her life was just mundane and then the love of her life walked into her world and it was changed for ever!

I’m sitting here in my local coffee shop and there is a buzz about the place as people chat, laugh, and possibly even cry as they share relationship, life, victories and struggles over a latte.

Remembering this Abba song I am reminded of all the people in the bible who were going about their normal every day eating, sleeping life when a suddenly of God came and with it brought clarity, peace, rescue, destiny and much more. Moses at the burning bush, Abram and Sarai, Rebecca at the well drawing water for Eliazar’s camels, David tending the flock, Mary preparing for marriage, Zacharias going about his priestly responsibilities. The list is endless.

All had one thing in common they loved God. Sure they’d made mistakes, I’m sure they spoke out of turn, had disbelief in their hearts, struggled with pride and arrogance at one time or another. Yet God didn’t seem to see those things He saw their hearts of love, their longing to change, to go deeper into His glory and to be found standing at the end of it with only the things of God surviving the refining fire!

And so here we are on the 13th June 2013 about to commence our Days of Wonder conference. Will we be changed? Will His glory come like a fire and burn away all that the enemy with and without our help has tried to imprison us with? We were created to dwell in His presence, our bodies are sick without it, our spirits are dehydrated when we don’t drink from the fountain of living water.

I wonder what life will look like seven days from now? Will our nation be the same? Will my amazing city of Hull be the same? Will the precious people in this coffee shop be talking about their problems or will they be passionately telling their friends about this radical life changing encounter they had and that God is real?

I’m believing for this. I’m believing for the fire of God to fall in my city and region joining with lots of other regional fires to wildly spread through this nation.

Yes, this is what I long for. I believe there will be many stories to tell of how He touched us and changed us from the way we were the day before He came!