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God’s love for us is consistent. No matter where we find ourselves be it on the mountain top of success or wading through the springs of our tears in the valley of Baca He says time after time that “He loves us, that He will never leave us, and that His plan are to prosper us”

The question we must ask ourselves is this: are our words and attitudes as consistent either on the mountain or in the valley?

It’s easy to stand on the mountain with hands thrown in the air praising Him and declaring His goodness and the goodness of those around us but how about in the valleys? How good is He then? How faithful and loyal are we to our friends, our leaders, those who are getting the opportunities we want but aren’t getting? Is our language that of Romans 12:15 or do we fall into self pity (been there) jealousy (been there too) or even rebellion? (yes even that one!)

The challenge isn’t for us on the mountain top but rather when we’re in the valley. Its the challenge to lift up our hands, our eyes, our hearts and say “yet will I praise Him” and “I believe I will see the goodness of The Lord” to trust in Him with all of our hearts and not to lean on our understanding, and in ALL of our ways (seasons) submit to Him.

Get alone with Him and ask Him to show you, to lead you by His spirit (remember its not by might or power!) into that place of consistent words and attitudes and if you slip up well His love will cover you.

Remember “greater is He who lives in you” He’s all about making you a success as much as He is your colleague, or fellow christian. And that’s the truth!

Have a fab day safe in the knowledge that you are loved with a never ending love!