Recently I’ve found myself in various conversations about different worship streams and the direction worship is taking.

I sense as as we move into this promised new season that we are at a crossroads with regards to worship.

There’s been a lot of talk about a new “sound” to be released and I believe very passionately that God, by His Spirt, wants to do this. However there is a challenge we face in this present season and it is that of imitation.

I recently attended a conference and was really saddened as I watched an incredibly gifted and anointed  group of people copy a well known and popular worship band. It was so frustrating to watch. (Yes I know I’m not meant to be watching!)

Worship teams/pastors when was the last time you sought the Lord to ask Him to release your identity as a team, your sound and the songs that will impact your sphere of influence?

You were never meant to be a Hillsong or a Jesus Culture. These guys are incredibly gifted and anointed but the reason they are, is because they pressed in to His presence and discovered their God given identity as a team. They heard the “sound” of their song and created what they heard.

So if you’re a worship leader, musician, pastor, or church leader I lovingly challenge you to seek after, to enquire of The Lord, to turn your ear toward heaven and capture what you hear. To write it down and make it plain as in Habakuk and watch what God will release to you. See how the people respond to the songs you write that are already written in heaven for your particular spiritual territory.

There is a sound for your church and your region that has a frequency that is designed to connect with others on the same frequency. The homeless, the addict, the lost and broken that when they hear it they will be drawn in to the presence that your sound ushers in.

This is an exciting season we’re entering don’t settle for someone else’s sound you could well end up out of tune and rhythm.

Have fun!

(Picture Heaven’s Living Water painted by Julia Powell at