I heard it said last week that you can “gauge the health of a church by its prayer meeting attendance” “That we must ask ourselves “am I more interested in hearing a man or woman of God preach than I am of hearing the direct voice of God?”

These are sobering and challenging statements/questions to be considered. 

We do live in a world where people are rushed off their feet and there’s always something to be done but I want to share a few reasons why we need to be part of our praying community not just in our own four walls at home but coming together corporately. 

Praying Together Creates Strong Communities

Jesus said in Matthew Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” 

There’s something powerful about the people of God coming together with one heart to seek His face for their lives, their families, churches, cities and nations. This coming together strengthens relationships as hearts are joined for the common good. If you feel on the edge in your church get involved in prayer. Prayer breaks down barriers and walls like nothing else I know. It encourages us to live life in circles but facing out so as to be aware of those who need our support and need pulling into our midst. Corporate action and prayer bring massive results as seen by Joshua and the Israelites when they shouted and marched rounded the walls of Jericho that last time. 

We Need This Time in His Presence

Having more time to seek Him in worship and prayer opens up the floodgates of His presence. It also opens up our hearts to be more expectant for an encounter with Him that we can’t always have in a Sunday morning meeting. Prayer gatherings are an opportunity to go deeper into His presence where He will release the prophetic, the miraculous, increased passion for Him, healing and so much more. 

God showed up in an upper room where 120 gathered to worship and pray and history was made as the early church was birthed. I don’t know about you but if God is going to do something incredible that will change history through my church I want to be there! 

Can we really afford to stay at home when God is looking for those who will change history and outcomes like Esther? 

Our Cities and Nation Needs Us There

We are living in the darkest days of history at this present time. The darkness is getting darker BUT the light of heaven is shining brighter. God is being really strategic right now. As we meet to seek Him for his strategies that will release the glory of His manifest presence He is more than willing to reveal them to us. 

A few weeks ago some friends and I met to pray for my home city of Hull. We felt God had given us an invitation for a specific day to come together and stand in the gap for this city of promise. As we prayed He began to download strategies and illustrations of what was happening in the heavenlies over this city. Remember we don’t fight flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness. 

Every battle has a plan and a strategy. Our battle is no different. Prayer gatherings are like the operational nerve centre where unity and strategy are key! 

It’s Enjoyable!  

Yes prayer is enjoyable!!! If you’ve never experienced it in this way it’s time for a shift in your approach and expectation.

In Isaiah 56:7 God promises to give us “joy in His house of prayer” What could be more joyful than meeting face to face with our Father in heaven who holds the world in the palm of His hand, the one who knows everything there is to know about us both pleasant and ugly yet loves us with an unconditional love? He promises joy. Not boredom, not striving but joy that in turn leads to strength as promised in Nehemiah. 

Prayer and worship is a discovery encounter. It’s an adventure that is as thrilling as riding a crazy theme park ride. We’re going after the Father’s heart. The creator of the universe, the one who said and it was!  The scriptures promise we will do greater things than Jesus himself!  

It’s A Major Part Of His Plan

In the Old Testament David built a tabernacle for the ark of the covenant. He decreed that God would be honoured and exalted in 24 hour prayer and worship 7 days a week. Whilst this took place God blessed Israel greatly. In Acts 15 God says He will rebuild the tabernacle of David. These are those days! There is an urgency in these times to put greater emphasis on worship and intercession and I believe God is calling YOU to be part of this great prayer movement. 

Will you accept His invitation to join this great move of intercession, to stand in the gap, to make prophetic declarations and to pray from heavens perspective and not your own?  Will you be the burning ones who are consumed by His presence to carry His glory into your workplace, school, college, uni? 

It’s time to rise up, it’s time to shine, it’s time to stand it’s time to pray, to taste and see that the Lord is indeed good. 

See you at the prayer meeting then mighty warriors of God!!