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Isaiah 61:1-4
I was reading this and I felt The Lord say “when my people understand the me in this passage they will see the power of the we”

Many quote this as the spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon US but it doesn’t say that it says ME!

Let me ask you this. Is it easier to believe that God prefers to raise up others instead of you? Do you hold back because of this? Yes? Well I have a word for you today God wants to use you! Yes you reading this right now. You who are battle weary, broken, disappointed, and disillusioned.

He has placed gifts and callings within you that no one else can minister like you can. So……. What stops us?

1. The power of small thinking.

What and how we think will determine what we believe for.

How big is your faith, your dream, your longing? How much do you believe God can work through you?

That you have an important part in His plans and purposes for your city, region and nation?

If all you ever see is Giants you’ll always believe you’re a grasshopper.

I used to be so intimidated by visiting speakers and worship leaders that came to our church. I didn’t believe they would want to have anything to do with me. I put them on pedestals assuming they were greater and more valued than I was.  My small thinking about myself and my value paralysed me.

We have to get before God and ask Him to help us to transform and renew our minds. To do away with the “stinking thinking” and to help us to see and think like He does.

One of the strongest ways the enemy attacks us is on our minds.

The word tells us to take the thoughts captive. Resist them, quote the word of God and watch the devil run for the hills!

2. Fear

Fear is the most crippling and thieving emotion in the church today.

We are so driven to be perfect that many of us never get started because we fear failure.

God isn’t concerned about your failures. He’s been surrounded by people who fail him for so long yet He’s always ready to reach out and help us up to try again. Peter failed, David failed, Moses failed, Miriam failed, the disciples all failed when they were sent out alone. God says His “strength is made perfect in our weakness” failure can teach us some valuable and life changing lessons if we’ll embrace it as a positive experience.

Fear of man is another great obstacle to walking in our call and anointing.

Listen, no man (or woman) has the power to stop the call of God on our lives unless we allow it.

There’s a reason the enemy is called the father of lies.

He whispers to us that other people are far more gifted than we are and that we don’t come close to their level or and that we sing, preach, and talk too loud, are too proud, and arrogant. When in actual fact these wonderful people are too busy getting on with their own lives and fighting their own battles of the mind and if the truth be known think completely the opposite anyway.

Don’t let the enemy’s lies rob you of the joy from the relationships you could have.

3. Gossip and Our Words

Oh here’s one we don’t like to talk about. We talk about everything and everyone else but not this taboo subject.

Gossip is the greatest aborter of relationships I know of.

Here’s the scenario. We meet up with someone for a coffee, the conversation turns to Someone that we don’t really know, they tell us something or share an opinion and bingo we’ve made up our minds about the other person yet we’ve never had a conversation, got to know them, understand what their life is or has been about. We just keep them at arms length because of what we’ve heard. I have missed out on the richness of so many friendships in the past because of this.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this too. It hurts. I’m sure you have as well. We are robbed of the opportunity to do life with some amazing people when we enter into these conversaions. It’s always worth remembering that if someone gossips about other people they’re probably gossiping about us too.

Sometimes we have to make (painful) decisions to remove ourselves from those friendships that are more damaging than helpful. Especially if we are easily influenced to enter into the gossip as well.

Our words are powerful. Whether we speak about someone else or ourselves and our situations. We can lead ourselves into situations just by what we utter from our lips. “Oh I could never do that, I can’t afford it” etc.

Recently Holy Spirit challenged me to stop speaking negatively about our financial situation. Having left a job and reducing down to one income I was forever saying we couldn’t afford to do this or that etc and God pulled me up reminding me that it wasn’t about what we weren’t able to afford but what resources He had.

Philippians 4:19 declares

“But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory In Christ Jesus.”

There are riches in glory, there are resources of every kind for us to draw down from heaven to bring to earth in order to build God’s kingdom.

Maybe we need to get before God, shut the door to the world and get completely real with him. To ask Him to show us what we look like to heaven, who He says we are and to show us those plans in Jeremiah that He says are to give us a hope and a (significant) future.

You are more than a conqueror, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are God’s masterpiece, you are more precious than rubies and pearls, you are the apple of His eye, but first and foremost you are a child of God.

Imagine if we really grasped this identity revelation and all stood together in the knowledge of who we are in Him what a force to be reckoned with we would be and how the world would look on and wonder what we had that gave us this confidence!

Be blessed!