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dan bird

I am delighted to let you know that i have been in the studio recording a new album of prophetic soaking songs. This was an amazing experience as we decided to step out of the norm and not pre – write songs but wait for Holy Spirit to give us them.

We were completely overwhelmed as He downloaded song after song after song! Scripture says that “those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and shall rise up and soar like eagles” Well we certainly felt like we were soaring.

This album carries a very gentle spirit to it.

We lost a very dear friend 18 months ago to suicide.  Our hearts were smashed as we said goodbye. We were woken up to the reality of mental health issues and through the months that followed God began to speak to me about doing an album that would “soothe” in times of crisis. A bit like David playing and singing for Saul when he was in great torment.

As we began to worship in the studio Holy Spirit gave us melodies and words to bring peace, healing and refreshing to those that were listening.

The album is due for release end of September beginning of October. You can help me with the final expenses of mastering, duplication and promotion by pre ordering and supporting at Crowdfunder. If you click on he logo below it will take you straight to the page.

Thanks so much for all your support it means the world. xxx