Habakuk 2:2

“Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it”

I had the immense privilege to train a group of people in the ministry of prophetic worship yesterday.  I was once again overwhelmed as people discovered their song and how God brought healing as they stepped out and ministered to each other.

I was also blessed to be able to share about my ministry Kingdom Liberty UK. In doing so I was amazed at how God has grown the connections and opportunities to input into different charities and ministries in the twelve months that we’ve been going.

Kingdom Liberty UK is like an umbrella that is a covering for many different ministry arms that all have a heart to bring Liberty to the captives as in Isaiah 61.

First and foremost is the desire to bring freedom to those who are bound in low self esteem and identity in Christ. God has placed a sound within each of us. For some that sound will minister to the sick, for some to the broken in society, others will release their sound and see injustice in the political arena fall as God is sovereign and moves in power. The sound we carry has been buried for far too long and this is the season to discover and release your sound that will impact and influence your world. Teaching and training congregations and worship teams around the UK has seen some significant transformations in people and the impact this is having on their areas of influence has been staggering.

Women in leadership is another thing that is close to my heart. At the beginning of 2015 Holy Spirit spoke to me in I a quiet whisper and said “if Adam and his rib would walk together in unity they would be a mighty force that would defeat the enemy and establish my kingdom on earth as it is in heaven” I thought that was kind of weird until I went back to Genesis and read where God had taken Adams rib in order to create woman. There are many women in this nation who are ordained by God to bring about revival and change to a massive degree. I believe in women in ministry and leadership and I want to see them liberated into all God has called them into. I am for liberating women NOT women’s lib! There’s a massive difference and it’s all about heart and attitude to each other. From this revelation Liberty Women was established as a small connect group in my church. I’ve watched as these women have grown stronger, been miraculously healed, come off anti depressants and found their role as women in the Kingdom. Last year God gave me the opportunity to connect with a wonderful ministry called Kyria when I led worship at their annual conference. The result of this was an invitation to join the leadership team. It has been a joy to work alongside these women who are anointed to bring reformation in their worlds.

Baby loss Is something close to everyone’s heart as we all know someone who has gone through this terrible and heartbreaking tragedy. I am so incredibly privileged to be able to partner with my dear friends Andy and Zoe Clark-Coates to sing at the Saying Goodbye services in cathedrals around the nation. This charity has gone from strength to strength due to their passion, perseverance, and sheer hard work. The services bring a sense of healing as these precious parents from every generation stand shoulder to shoulder knowing they are not walking this road alone. More information can be found here http://www.sayinggoodbye.org

The social justice part of Kingdom Liberty comes under the umbrella of Compassion. Compassion is a child sponsorship program that rescues children from poverty and adversity and places them in schools, where they are fed, given medical care and shown the love of Jesus in a practical and spiritual way.  As a compassion artist I am planning a tour to share about their work but also to share my testimony of my time in the Los Angeles music business and my journey to faith. The concert entitled What a Wonderful World, will be purely evangelistic so is ideal to invite your friends and family to. If you’d like to host me at your church or organization please email angielendon@icloud.com Further information about sponsoring a child can be found on my website http://www.kingdomlibertyuk.com

It is incredible what God has established this past twelve months. We look forward to all He has planned for this next year.

We trust him for all the provision but if you’d like to support me and this ministry please go to my website page for further details http://angielendon.com/donate/

In the words of Blutree greater things are yet to come, greater things are still be done…….

Love you!