Pioneer: a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new country or area.

To develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity)

Noah built an ark, Noah confronted Pharoah, David refused Saul’s armour and the list goes on.

Pioneering can sometimes be a lonely and misunderstood place but it is a necessary action if we are to be a people who advance The Kingdom!

Right now there are many “hidden” people and ministries that have been in the boot camp of heaven as God has been preparing them for the season of awakening and revival that is coming to the earth! God promises to “cover the earth with His glory as the waters cover the sea” He’s not kidding, teasing or dangling a carrot it is going to happen!!!

Be prepared to be Misunderstood

As one who is called to pioneer in worship I have lived through a gamut of emotions and circumstances that if I wasnt about my Father’s business I would have quit! When Noah built the ark everyone laughed. They mocked and judged him and wrote him off as crazy!! When God calls us to pioneer something the religious don’t like the smell of the new wine! It upsets the status quo which is the very reason God has to step in and do something fresh. Our natural response is to feel “safe” in our comfort zones.God’s not interested in comfort. Ask Jesus who died on a cross after being beaten, spat on and mocked. His body was a bloody mess but His Spirit was very much alive leading a man to eternal life as they both drew near to their final breath.

Be Prepared For Your Diary to Dry Up

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds”  The way that you ministered wrote songs etc in the past is not the way God is going to use you in the new. The old has to die for the new to be released.  It’s like a business that closes only to reopen a few months later under a new name and with fresh vision and impetuous. There are seasons for everything and there will be seasons within your season of pioneering. Don’t lose hope. God is doing something here. It’s not the devil holding you back it’s God drawing you back in preparation for the release that will catapult you to places and people you never imagined possible.

Be Prepared to be Hidden

I have often looked on social networking and seen events that my spirit and heart resonates with and have wondered why those doors aren’t open to me. At times I have been severely disillusioned but always at the back of my mind there is a whisper that says “it’s not your time” As frustrating as it can be I know from reading my bible that there were many like myself who were kept “hidden” until it was their “such a time as this” moment David, Esther, Moses, and of course our greatest example Jesus himself. Relish the hidden season. Lay down in green pastures, be honest with God when disappointment and even jealousy creep in. He knows anyway so why pretend?

Keep Your Heart Sweet

This, if I’m honest has been the biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome.The bible says           “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” When God has called you according to His purpose and he’s shared that purpose with you it’s tempting to run ahead and try to figure it out. We live and breathe this call and it can consume us. David is a prime example of going about our every day until the time he stepped into the pioneering role God called him to. Until then he stayed faithful and developed his relationship with God to the point where God identified him as “a man after His heart” Keep running back to Jesus and bathing in His presence. A critical spirit and jealousy cannot thrive in that environment.

Overcome the Fear of Man

If we are to step into the place of pioneering and succeed we must overcome the fear of man.The greatest hindrance to the kingdom is idolatry of people that paralyses us and renders us useless. If Noah had bowed to the fear of his critics, if Esther had feared the King more than God, if Mary had more concern for her reputation, if Moses had let his fear hinder him,  If Jesus had feared the cross you and I would not be here now. Find your confidence in your identity in Christ not in man. If you’ve lost your way and find yourself needing and seeking man’s approval ask God to reveal to you how HE sees you, who He says you are and the way HE has planned for you to walk to fulfill HIS call on you life. Please, please, please don’t compare yourself to anyone else as a person or as a minister. It’s road to nowhere but a life of sadness and pain.

So great pioneers keep conquering those mountains, keep scaling those walls, keep lifting your hands, keep releasing the sound of worship that is so closely linked to your DNA only you can release it. Don’t give up. You’re closer than you think!!!