It’s not often I blog about my dreams as quite often they’re not something to share but this one I had in the early hours has rattled me and I am asking you to join me in praying for my home city Hull. As I woke up thankful to be awake I heard the Spirit of God say “write it down, share it and pray” so here goes.

The Dream

I am in a country town and trying to pack up a building after a gathering of leaders.

The building was accessed across a low ford. There was a tidal river running alongside. The river started to rise and there was an urgency to get off but no one seemed bothered.

I was getting frustrated and worried as the the river started to swell and run over so the ford was getting impassable.

My husband was there and I asked him for help to get out but he was sat supernaturally playing piano like a classical pianist. (He’s not!)

I did eventually get out by climbing up a rope ladder????

Fast forward and I’m with my friend Hev who is a fellow worship leader. We’re in some kind of building maybe a restaurant on the edge of Hull by the marina/docks area.

We’re talking about the state of the nation and terrorism when we see stealth planes flying really high overhead. We assume they’re on their way somewhere but I have this “feeling” and link my arm with hers.

Within minutes more stealth planes make themselves known and swoop Operation Iraqi Freedomdown and start bombing Hull. They are flying so low that technically they should have crashed into buildings etc.

The bombs were like giant bullets and were fired rather than dropped. I heard a very evil voice say “this is because you are known to the world now”

I knew this was the enemy I also knew it wasn’t just about Hull being city of culture but because we were known as a city of faith in Jesus and revival.

I started to pray whilst many looked on as the devastation was increased. I saw people running in all directions trying to avoid the bombs.

One building that stood out to me on the skyline of Hull was the court dome.

As the skyline was obliterated this one building survived as though it was planned that way long ago.

This maybe too late a dinner or this maybe a prophetic dream. However my spirit is uneasy so I ask all to pray and intercede for our city of Hull.