City lights viewed beind a glass covered in rain drops

A few years ago I was just about to step up to the platform to lead worship when a lovely woman from my church came up to me and said she felt God was wanting to start a women’s ministry at Revive church and that I was the person to do it! I looked at her, smiled and said thanks for sharing whilst in my head I was running as fast and as far I could from this “ludicrous” idea!

You see for me women’s ministry was either all about burning a spiritual bra or gliding along like a Stepford wife looking perfectly polished and manicured in her femininity! I had no interest, no idea and no clue!

Fast forward a few years and I’m down in Stafford leading worship at the Kyria women’s conference and I saw a completely different side of womens ministry! Here were a group of women leaders that were making a difference whilst maintaining who they were, what they were called to do, and how they were created to walk in that calling.  Passion ruled these women! Passion for God, passion for his people, passion to empower, to coach and release. Women from differing generations caming togther with the passion they carried being the catalyst that held them together not age or background.

As time went on I was invited to join that team and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I have watched as women have encountered God through our conferences getting a revelation that she really does have a part to play and that no amount of adversity could hold her back!

I am passionate about leading women into an encounter with the Holy Spirt through worship and teaching. I want to see women rise up and take their place. Not in a militant fashion, not to outdo men, but as the women God created them to be.

All of us have a God given destiny. All of us are called to succeed in life. Yes challenges come but it’s in standing together and supporting each other that we rise above those challenges.

So here I am now planning my first women’s conference! Beyond These Walls is about coming together to be enlarged, empowered, and re-envisioned to carry the presence of God into our sphere’s of influence. Whatever age or generation we are we all have influence in one place or another. There are people waiting for you and I to bring the love of Jesus and show them the hope that He is.

I want you to be there with me as we pursue God. Not because I want to sell more tickets, not because I want a full venue but because I believe wholeheartedly that God is raising up women (and men) who will carry his glory into every situation in an unprecedented way. I want our younger women to stand on the shoulders of those more experienced women. I want YOU to join me in this adventure because I want us to make history together.

This isn’t a day for an uprising of rebellion, nor is it a day of pink fluff (that used to be my perception!) it’s a day to stand on the threshold of a move of God and link arms as we decide to cross over into it!

See you there history makers!!

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