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universe-1044107_1280 (1) Last night I was preparing to go to bed. It was quite late and I heard Holy Spirit say to me to go outside and look at the stars! I tried to remember if I’d had any dodgy cheese for supper but you know when you know that He is speaking! I went and stood in my garden and looked up but the only thing I could see was cloud! There are no stars Papa” I said “Keep watching” He replied. With that the sky cleared and there before me were many stars of varying levels of size and brightness. “Each of these stars represent opportunities and open doors that will come to my people in 2018. Many will be drawn to the bigger and brightest doors just like they are to those stars but behind EVERY door that I present to you, will be a significant opportunity to preach the gospel, heal the sick and yes even raise the dead spiritually and physically.”
How you “see” in this season will determine how you move! Just as you couldnt see the stars until I blew the clouds away so it shall be in the earthly realm. It might look hopeless, confusing, a failure or all is lost but when I blow away that which the enemy has brought upon you to make you blind, dull, fearful and weary there will be no stopping you in your destiny that I ordained at your creation”
“I’m not looking for perfection or the obiously gifted, I’m not looking for the eloquent, I’m looking for those who will be obedient the “foolish” who I will use as I see fit and the “wise” will be surprised. Yes the “wise” will be surprised!! I say it again THE “WISE” WILL BE SURPRISED
“So Lift up your eyes set them on the things above and not on the things of this world for it’s redemtion lies within the hands of the star flinger!”