Dear Church

I’m so crazy about being a part of you I love that we get to build community and learn together, how we rub each other’s corners off and grow in love and grace and friendship. I love that we get together and praise and worship bringing our song and our sound that is unique to each of us.

I love you so much that I as well as many others create resources to bring you closer to Jesus and help you into His presence.  There are books and CD’s that we have lovingly created with sweat and many tears.

The tears aren’t shed in the crafting but in the growing and maturing in our faith that releases the songs and the books. Without the pain of growth and pruning we wouldn’t be able to write from the heart because our hearts would be lukewarm. Adversity and battles draw us closer to the creator and as we dwell on His faithfulness and goodness something clicks creatively and we lovingly like a potter mould and shape the idea into something that will hopefully bless you.

We release it with such high hopes and expectation. We really believe it’s going to change the world – our world, our churches, our regions and if we dare to dream that bit bigger our nation and the nations.

We don’t have the huge machine of a record company or publishing house behind us so we pay for everything ourselves believing that we’ll sell enough to break even and not hit any debt. Sometime we do but often we don’t.

This is where you come in.  Please support us. I’m not just asking you to buy but to share about our work on social networking. A tweet, a Facebook share, an Instagram mention. I’m thrilled that you like what we post up but if you like it please tell others. Isn’t that what we do when we find a good coffee shop, a restaurant, a film?

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: We need you! Because you see,  the other side to this is that we’re able to create art and literature but not necessarily marketing strategies. We more often than not feel overwhelmed at promoting ourselves and yet our greatest desire is to bless you with something we’ve given so much to create.

Please think about how you can support us, the smaller ministries that nobody really knows about. The nameless and often faceless (which by the way is totally cool).

Oh we know that God is able to pay His bill but sometimes he gives his kids the currency to do it for Him!

We artisans pray that you’ll get this and not dismiss it but take it to heart and embrace it and at the very least pray for us!

Love you

❤️❤️ Angie On behalf of the unknown creatives ❤️❤️